What an emotion, after all this time, to be there at this joyful wedding in Ixelles, the first one with guests allowed, after so many months of Covid restrictions!

Until the last moment, Teodora and Gianluca weren’t sure if their guests could attend their wonderful wedding in the city hall of Ixelles. But they made it, and the feeling was amazing!

I was excited as well, after so long without seeing families and friends surrounding the couple with hugs, tears, smiles and happiness. 

And I can’t be more grateful to Teodora and Gianluca, who chose me as the photographer for their joyful wedding in Ixelles. 

Teodora is Bulgarian, Gianluca is Italian, and I completely felt at home with the two of them, even since the very first time we met, a month before the wedding, when we discussed all the practical details of the Day. They both are so hilarious and funny and smart! They met here, in Ixelles, and have been together for a long time. After all they've been through together, they call Ixelles their home now. So many beautiful love stories in Brussels to hear!

After many days of bad weather (this year Belgium didn’t want to give us a proper summer), that Saturday was the sunniest day of the season, and it seemed made for Teodora and Gianluca’s wedding in Ixelles!

The ceremony was sweet, touching, and Ixelles City Hall is simply fascinating, indoor and outdoor, where all the guests hugged and congratulated the just-married couple.

When the ceremony was over, Le Flore, at Bois de la Cambre, was the perfect place to celebrate: an intimate, elegant and joyful party in the middle of the woods, in the heart of Ixelles.

May this be the beginning of the end of the Covid period!

It really felt amazing, working for Teodora and Gianluca for their joyful wedding in Ixelles, Brussels! The joy was contagious! 

→ Have a look at a little video I made with their pics, during this city tour in Brussels, at the bottom of the page.

Joyful Wedding Ixelles

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