~ Hi, this is Elena ~

Welcome to my page, I’m glad you got here.

~ I'm an Italian Wedding Photographer and Painter ~


People’s stories are one of my biggest love.

I look forward to hearing yours. To capture it. And to paint it.

Brussels Wedding Photographer available worldwide ~

Wedding Photographer Belgium
Tell me your story. I’ll be here to listen to it, with heart.

What you lived together, what you believe in. We are all different, unique, yet so similar: I’ve learned so much from all the people I’ve meet and worked for! That’s how I work: I listen first. I try to understand, with soul and empathy. And only then, I take pictures, creating real memories that deeply belong to your story, to your Love, to your Wedding day.

Unless you are a model, it’s likely that you don’t feel at ease in front of the camera.

Guess what? Most people don’t. I don’t, either! But I know how to make you feel at ease. And you’ll forget about me taking pictures: you’ll just have a great time!

~ All you have to do is to be yourself ~


~ Elena Mantovan Wedding Photographer based in Brussels ~

What makes me happiest about my job is knowing that my work makes you happy. Of the experience and of the result. One of the most important things are that you feel at ease and that you have fun, even if you’re shy and you have never be in front of the camera for photos.


We’ll discover new places and charming locations together. I’m always in for scouting and exploring for your Wedding Photography, Engagement Session, Elopement or Proposal, all around the country. Landscapes in Brussels are so different from my Italian ones, and have such a moody and intense atmosphere!


And we’ll explore emotions through photos and art: your peculiar, unique, intimate way of Love, your Beauty, you Truth, your Story.

Wedding Photographer and Painter in Brussels ~

Wedding couples paintings
Painting : Illustration of two lovers, watercolor
couples paintings

I have a gift, that enriches my life, gives me peace and blisses me with magic. I paint.

And I want to share this gift with you: you’ll have an original, unique painting, inspired by one of your favorite photos.

Let’s make together a work of art!

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