Hi! I’m Elena

I’m an Italian Wedding Photographer and a Painter

based in Brussels, Belgium, and available Everywhere.

I am a lover, a dreamer, a positive thinker, a slow traveler, a seeker of wisdom and beauty.

Everybody told me I should choose between painting and wedding photography. But I couldn’t.

So I decided to make them work together.

That’s why you can get something different and unique for your wedding day in Belgium.

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What brought me to be a

Wedding Photographer

in Belgium – and everywhere else

The way people feel at ease and have fun, even if they’re maybe a little shy and they’ve never been photographed before.

And the emotions they feel looking at their pictures, from the very first time, and then over and over after years.

The beautiful locations that can be found in Belgium, be it for

Wedding Photography, Engagement Sessions, Elopements or Proposals,

all around the country, which are so different from my Italian landscapes, and have such a moody and intense atmosphere.

Through wedding photography, it’s possible to create a bridge over time:

the frame of a present moment that, in the future, will make your beloved, your family, your friends,

dream and fantasize about your very special day,

about your feelings, about the places you’ve been, in a magic and emotional way.

The kind exploration of two lovers’ souls, linked together, trying to reach their essence and

their deep and authentic emotions, through a picture.

The happiness and passion I feel in giving sincere importance and in focusing on your intimate details,

on the wonder of your emotions, on the deep connection that build your link, on the emotional poetry of your wedding day,

through photography.

Wedding Photography in Belgium makes me create a connection between your sensitivity and mine,

an exchange between the aesthetic taste in Belgium and the “made in Italy” style,

in reading, observing, composing the uniqueness of your Love and Beauty, looking for Alchemy, Magic, Authenticity

… And the fact that I can give you a painting inspired by your best portrait of your Wedding Day:

Love goes beyond reality, Love is imagination and creativity, Love is a work of art,

and you deserve your own!

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