I’m Elena.

Wedding photographer since 2015. Long hair and Italian accent. Spend my time pursuing my passions - and never get bored.

It was in 2014. I was 30. I left my day job after years, while everyone told me I was acting crazy, and I moved from Ferrara to Rome, in order to attend a photojournalism master. Everything started as an amazing adventure: travels, discovery, learning so much about the world and about staying in the present moment to take authentic, real photos. But for some reasons - that I'll be pleased to tell you in front of a good coffee - I had the sensation that I didn't find my place yet.

And randomly, on a sunny spring day, I met wedding photography, working as an assistant, out of curiosity. It was in such a wonderful place in the Roman countryside, how could I forget it? Love at first sight. All the excitement, the joy, the smiles. Every detail, cured with so much attention. The different moments and the deep meaning of the wedding ritual, as a rite of passage towards a shared path. And the laughing, the hugs, the tears. The partying. The people.

In 2015 I decided I was a wedding photographer. And I haven't stopped since. This is what I wanted to keep doing, also when I moved to Belgium, in July 2018. I combine what I learned as a photojournalist together with my love for art, aesthetics and human expression. And I still get very emotional, behind the camera, and behind a screen, when I read my clients' messages. Every time.


Things I love about wedding photography:



wedding beloeil castle



My favorite human beings

Elena Mantovan Wedding Photography

And stories about laughing, about learning and acceptance, about growing up and about wishes than come true.

Our daughter Ada is one of these.

No words to express the love we have for her.

Wilson and I have so many stories to tell, about all that we learned along the way together.

Stories about obstacles, about not giving up, about patience and trust and understanding.

Let's have a chat and if you feel like listening, I'll share some stories with you.

Three facts about my past:

Grew up in the venetian countryside, 20 minutes away from the sea. But at 19 I started exploring - and adoring - the city life in Bologna, Ferrara, Rome. And now Brussels.


Walked 800 km in a month along the Way of St. James, challenged my body and mind, and stopped smoking for good. Then I went on, up to the ocean, up to Fisterra.


Graduated in 2007 in foreign languages and literatures - English, Spanish and German - had a lot of different jobs, including flight attendant and English teacher.


Red bricks and clouds in Brussels
Three things about my present:

In love with Brussels messy and diverse multiculturalism. Every time I speak to someone, I learn something new. It can be challenging, but fascinating. And every day I speak at least 3 languages.


Recently had a DNA test: 50.7% Greek, 35.6% Iberian, 6.8% English, 4.1% Irish, 2.8% Italian. And back to my great-grandparents, all lived their lives in Italy. Isn't it funny?


In creating this site, I discovered that I'm in love with UX design.


Three wishes for my future:

Wilson and I have family and friends in Italy, Nigeria and Belgium. We dream about getting married in all of the three countries.


The sound of the sea is my favorite one. When I grow old, I want to buy myself a little boat and learn how to sail and stay in the sea for months.


It'll come, sooner or later, the perfect moment to read and finish all the books I have in my shelves.

It has to.


Feel like having a chat and telling me something about you?



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