First comes the relationship

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Before we decide to work together, I want us to meet. I'm a fan of chilled, cozy cafes: I can suggest many, or you can choose your favorite one. We can also plan a video call, if we can't meet in person. I'll be there to listen to your story, your wishes, your truth. Let's see if we're a good match!


Honesty, Trust,

Open Communication


What stresses you about wedding photography? You're too shy to open up and be yourself in front of a camera? Are there some pictures you really don't want, or you absolutely wish to get? You have doubts about investing for your wedding photography? Speak up, ask me questions, tell me whatever you thing it might be useful to know. I'm here to answer to all of those.

There's no better way to team up.

Inclusivity and diversity

Brussels is the most diverse and multicultural city I've ever lived in. Each couple is a unique mix of nationalities, cultures, backgrounds, histories.

Up to now, my couples are Belgian (both French and Dutch speaking), Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, French, German, Swiss, Polish, Hungarian, Belarusian, Romanian, Norwegian, Finns, from different states of the US, Canadian, Mexican, Colombian, Argentinian, Brazilian, Turkish, Iraqis, Egyptian, Moroccan, Algerian, Nigerian, Cameroonian, Indonesian, Korean, Indian, Australian. They are hetero and lgbtqia+, of many different beliefs or religions, of all types of bodies and levels of abilities.


civil wedding forest
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