Andrew was a bit late for our appointment, when we first had to talk about his gay wedding in Brussels. We met in Dansaert, at Bar Beton, where they make a great latte, and the atmosphere is chilled and cozy.

When I arrived, I chose a table outside, and I waited for him there, while observing people sitting in one of the first Brussels sunny days of the year. I remember that when he arrived, I was mesmerized by the blue of his eyes and by his open, sincere smile.

He told me a lot about his story, about his job and where he came from, about how he met Francesco and why they wanted to have their gay wedding in Brussels instead of Sicily.

Andrew spoke about his passion for sailing, all the cities he lived in, starting from Birmingham, and how challenging but amazing it is to be in a couple with a surgeon that works a lot.

He said they didn’t want to pose for absolutely no picture, and we felt perfectly on the same page. They also wanted me to capture the day-before-haircut at Kavak salon.

On the 3rd of June the day was sunny and warm and we couldn’t ask for better weather. With the help of my assistant, we captured funny moments of both getting ready, and then we met just at a corner of the Grand Place, where they had their first look.

The ceremony itself was amazing - as always at Brussels 1000 - they read a moving speech and in the end they went out on the terrace for the traditional and royal hand wave. 

After that, they had a very elegant reception at 5 Grand Place, 3 different rooms were available for the guests. Their gay wedding in Brussels ended there, with a chilled, natural, spontaneous mood.

After the big day, Andrew and I met more than once, to perfect the wedding album and to have a drink together. He met my daughter and we shared a lot more. It’s always a wonder to build such a connection and trust with my couples.

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