Come with me


You want to see me at work and be sure of the result before booking me for your wedding day

Gay couple kissing - wedding photographer in Brussels

There are so many moments

in a relationship that are

worth remembering!


You want a playful experience and some quality memories of it




Confirm time slot and advance fee

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Enjoy your special hour and get photos in a flash

Sunset time is always the golden one but I have a great time in high-sunny light and cloudy weather, so choose the time slot that fits you more. To confirm the booking, you'll pay a 100€ advance fee.

I won't be able to meet you in person, but, hey, let's chat a little! After that, ice will be broken and you'll have more details over what I have in mind for your couple mini-session.

I'll guide through the session, we'll chase the light, lose the tension and laugh a lot.

Within 20 days, you'll get your private gallery with 35 pictures, or you can choose to have more. Starting at 200€.


Grand Place Brussels with American couple

A gift to yourself,

to your loved one,

to every time you'll wish to remember

a moment of your story

Mini Photo Session:

* Be guided and have fun during an hour

* Explore new cool places

* Receive quality pictures

* Affordable budget

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