The first contact I had with Jessica wasn’t about a photo shoot with disability in Brussels, but it was about her wedding at the Grand Place. She wrote me a nice and kind email, noticing that I cared about diversities of all kinds and saying that she wanted someone who was aware of disabilities. Disability is a sensitive and important subject to me, and I was honored that she chose me as photographer for her wedding, but I was at the very last stage of my pregnancy last year, so it was not possible for me to go.

I was so sorry I couldn’t be her photographer, that I proposed to her to have a couple session before her wedding with Haydn - until I wasn’t too ahead with the pregnancy - she liked the idea, so we planned their photoshoot with disability in Brussels in October.

In the meantime we had some nice conversations. I discovered a strong, smart, sensitive woman who faces every day the challenges that a disability can bring with head up and cleverness. She has a funny and interesting Instagram page at @delicatelittlepetal, she writes poetry at @delicatelittlepages, and she does an incredible work through podcasts, blog posts and other projects at

On the day of the photo shoot with disability in Brussels, the sun was covered by clouds, but we didn’t have rain and we managed to walk all along the itinerary we had chosen before: we went from Mont des Arts to the Square of Petit Sablon, kept the right pace for everyone and enjoyed the way and the time together.

Jessica and I are now friends. We shared many stories about each other and I am so grateful to this amazing lady also because she’s helping me increase my awareness of disabilities and learn about them.

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