Today I'm keeping on hold some editing because I've been wanting to post about this sweet couple photo shoot in Brussels city center for ages, and I don't want to wait any longer. 

Lucie is a traveler. She has an amazing job as a psychologist and she takes care of people in disadvantage all around the world.

When she wrote me and asked for some information for her couple photo shoot in Brussels city center, she was in Congo. Maxence, on the other side, was in Geneva, waiting for her to come back and leave for their holiday around Europe. 

The first contact wasn’t the easiest: the connection in Congo wasn’t the best, and it was hard to clearly see each other on the screen during our Zoom call. The line was broken more then once and at a certain point we had to close the conversation because it was too frustrating. 

But, even during that short, intermittent exchange, I felt such a sweet, kind, loving energy! I was excited to meet them and to see what we could create together!

Lucie and Maxence have been one of my latest couples last year: I was 7 months pregnant, starting to feel too heavy to walk around with a camera and my already big belly. 

But that evening, for their couple photo shoot in Brussels city center, I forgot about it all and I felt so light and at peace!

Their tenderness, their kindness, their love for each other and for humanity in general just melted my heart and I felt inspired and joyful.

We had a very classical tour in Brussels city center, walking around the Grand Place, the Queen's Gallery, Mont des Arts and ending up in Place Royale, stopping by some hidden spots when we liked them.

When I sent her pictures, Lucie wrote:

Elena, you're a fairy! Thank you so much for the magic you create. I'm amazed by these photos, their sweetness, the love you've managed to convey. Thank you so much!  It's so precious ❤️

I live for this: for giving this feeling to my couples. And when there's such good chemistry between the three of us, magic comes alone.

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