This elegant civil wedding in Forest was one of my first this year. The weather was still very cold, the sky gray, and no leaves on the trees. But that's what I love about working in Brussels: the season never actually finishes, and I never get to stop meeting sweet souls in love and explore new locations and new hearts.

Paula, Colombian, was the one who contacted me first. She wrote me such a nice message about how she and Antoine, French, met, what they love and what they expected from the pictures of their civil wedding in Forest: fun, intimacy and quirkiness, while keeping it elegant. 

And at our preliminary meeting, I felt that they were just like that: funny, quirky, but absolutely elegant. That's why I love to meet all my couples first: if I don't have the same feeling that they want to convey through the pictures, I'm probably not the right one.

But with Paula and Antoine, I was! We had a quick Zoom call and it was very clear from the beginning that we were going to create something classy, funny, timeless.

On the wedding day, Antoine and I were waiting, with all the guests, the arrival of Paula. And there she was, shining beauty, with a wonderful, authentic smile, and a classy style. 

The ceremony was very emotional, and Forest wedding hall, in its art deco style and a perfect light, was a magnificent location for all this.

Then, after our couple session in Bois de la Cambre, a very intimate lunch was planned, and I joined them back in the evening, in Antoine's father's villa, where a beautiful, young, chilled party took place.

I was so happy to be there for Paula and Antoine to capture the memories of their civil wedding in Forest! I had such a great time! 

Photographe mariage bruxelles

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