Hi! This is Elena!

~ I’m an Italian Wedding Photographer based in Belgium ~

Welcome to my world!

I’m an Italian Wedding Photographer and a Painter, based in Brussels, and available everywhere.

I am a lover, a dreamer, a fighter, a slow traveler, a seeker of knowledge and beauty.

Above all, I believe in True Love, in Coincidences, in the importance of Connections. And in a photo’s great power to keep an emotion alive forever. 

I love Wilson, my man, my family, and my friends. Other than that, I love smiling, swimming, singing in the shower, and watching movies on the couch. Also, I love good Italian pizza, sunsets on the beach, and hot, sunny weather. But I’m quite used to Belgian weather, too!

Everybody told me I should choose between painting and wedding photography. But I couldn’t, so I decided to make them work together.


I’m an Italian Wedding Photographer, and a painter, and a seeker.

I seek the real, everyday Love that hides in the little things: a smile, a supporting glance, warming up next to someone when it’s freezing out, and all the little imperfections and flaws that make us unique. I seek the kind of love that makes us laugh until we cry, the one that faces obstacles and hard times, that brings out the best in us – but stays with us through the worst – and only grows stronger and deeper.

Wedding Photographer Belgium

I myself looked for Love, till I found it (till I found him!). And I look for it everywhere, always, all around me, wherever I go.

What most makes life worth living? I believe Love (and Wedding Photography! and art! and pizza!) is the answer.  All the time, I find myself in awe by the synchronicity  and by the wonder of coincidences that bring two souls together and wills them to fall in Love – to quote one of my favorite Italian singer, “da far pensare che l’universo l’han fatto apposta perché voi due vi incontraste là” – “it seems that the universe was made on purpose for you two to meet there”.

I seek discovery, wonder, beauty. I seek wisdom and things to learn, from people, from books, from life.

I’m fascinated by so may things, and often I can’t choose or prioritize.

I’ve met people from all over the world, and I’m deeply in love with Brussels for the diversity I found here.

If I’m not making photography at weddings or working on my pictures, you will find me


  • painting or drawing,
  • reading about philosophy or psychology,
  • watching tons of movies and tv shows,
  • traveling and visiting places, far or close,
  • tasting new food and trying new recipes 😉


Up to now, I lived in five different cities, and Brussels won’t probably be the last one.

Also, I am passionate about foreign languages: other than Italian – and a couple of regional dialects 🙂 – I speak English, Spanish, French, a bit of Dutch and German. And I feel very attracted by Greek, Chinese, Arabic and Swahili.


Last but not least, I seek deep connections with beautiful souls.

I love to share time and good experiences, I love meeting new people and I adore my Friends. Friendships are as sacred to me as Love. I believe we always meet people for one reason, and there’s always something to learn from anybody, to exchange with anybody. People are wonders, miracles, stars, mirrors…

That’s why I ended up being a Wedding Photographer.

Because I’m in love with people. 


One day, more than ten years ago, I started having a little back ache. After two months, I couldn’t stand anymore.

It hurt like hell, all the time. The cause was a herniated disc. A terrible period of almost two years, with a thousand doctors – one of whom told me to resign myself to not being able to walk anymore.  I had to have two surgeries, months of physical therapy, and endure a lot of suffering.

This event changed my life.

I became hungrier than ever: hungry to see, to look, to explore. To move, to go deep, to honor every part of my body. To always use the time I have in this life at its best. It gave me the strength and courage, to start working for myself, and to finally do only what I love. After this, I began to deeply understand what’s important to me.

  • I went for trips alone
  • volunteered in an orphanage
  • walked for 800 km along the Way of Santiago
  • I started painting
  • quit my job
  • moved to Rome
  • found Love
  • decided to study photography and became an Italian Wedding Photographer.


I always have a great time when I take pictures of a couple. Crazy in love with my man, every time I meet two lovers, I see myself in them. If you look at me during touching moments of a wedding day, you might see me smiling with little tears in my eyes. 

I’m fascinated by the millions of expressions a face can show, by gesturesintimate detailssmiles and tears out of authentic emotions.

I love taking spontaneous, natural pictures: reportage and documentary style is my thing, together with street photography and creative portraits. I love to slowly observe and to find beauty and inspiration in the little, hidden things.


And I love photography, because I think it’s magic, not only in the way that light “writes”, but also in its power to change the perception of time, to capture emotions, and make them last forever.