Hi, I’m Elena

Welcome to my world!

I’m an Italian Wedding Photographer and a Painter, based in Brussels, and available everywhere.

How can I describe myself? I am a lover, a dreamer, a positive thinker, a slow traveler, a seeker of wisdom and beauty.

Above all, I believe in True Love, in Magic, in Coincidences, in the importance of Little Things. And in a photo’s great power to keep an emotion alive forever. 

I love Wilson, my man, my family, and my friends. Other than that, I love smiling, swimming, singing in the shower, and watching movies on the couch. Also, I love good Italian pizza, sunsets on the beach, and hot, sunny weather. But I’m quite used to Belgian weather, too! 

Everybody told me I should choose between painting and wedding photography. But I couldn’t, so I decided to make them work together.



I am not only an Italian Wedding Photographer. A good definition could be: I am a seeker.

I seek the real, everyday Love that hides in the little things: a smile, a supporting glance, warming up next to someone when it’s freezing out, and all the little imperfections and flaws that make us unique. I seek the kind of love that makes us laugh until we cry, the one that faces obstacles and hard times, that brings out the best in us – but stays with us through the worst – and only grows stronger and deeper.

I myself looked for Love, till I found it (till I found him!). And I look for it everywhere, always, all around me, wherever I go.

What most makes life worth living? I believe Love (and Wedding Photography! and art! and pizza!) is the answer.  All the time, I find myself in awe by the synchronicity  and by the wonder of coincidences that bring two souls together and wills them to fall in Love – to quote one of my favorite Italian singer, “da far pensare che l’universo l’han fatto apposta perché voi due vi incontraste là” – “it seems that the universe was made on purpose for you two to meet there”.

Other than Love, I seek discovery, wonder, beauty. I seek wisdom and things to learn.

So that’s why, if I’m not making photography at weddings, you will find me

  • painting or drawing,
  • reading about philosophy or psychology,
  • watching tons of movies,
  • traveling and visiting places, far or close.

Up to now, I lived in five different cities, and Brussels won’t probably be the last one.

Also, I am passionate about foreign languages: other than Italian – and a couple of regional dialects 🙂 – I speak English, Spanish, French, a bit of Dutch and German. And I feel very attracted by Greek, Chinese, Arabic and Swahili.

Last but not least, I seek deep connections with beautiful souls.

I love to share time and good experiences, I love meeting new people and I adore my Friends. Friendships are as sacred to me as Love. I believe we always meet people for one reason, and there’s always something to learn from anybody. People are wonders, miracles, stars, mirrors…

That’s why I ended up being a Wedding Photographer. Because I love people. And I love them even more when they are happy and in love.


One day, more than ten years ago, I started having a little back ache. After two months, I couldn’t stand anymore.

It hurt like hell, all the time. The cause was a herniated disc. A terrible period of almost two years, with a thousand doctors – one of whom told me to resign myself to not being able to walk anymore.  I had to have two surgeries, months of physical therapy, and endure a lot of suffering.

This event changed my life.

I became hungrier than ever: hungry to see, to look, to explore. To move, to go deep, to honor every part of my body. To always use the time I have in this life at its best. It gave me the strength and courage, to start working for myself, and to finally do only what I love. After this, I began to deeply understand what’s important to me.

  • I went for trips alone,
  • volunteered in an orphanage
  • walked for 800 km along the Way of Santiago
  • I started painting
  • quit my job
  • moved to Rome
  • found Love
  • decided to study photography and became an Italian Wedding Photographer.

I always have a great time when I take pictures of a couple. Crazy in love with my man, every time I meet two lovers, I see myself in them. If you look at me during touching moments of a wedding day, you might see me smiling with little tears in my eyes. 

I’m fascinated by the millions of expressions a face can show, by gestures, intimate details, smiles and tears out of authentic emotions.

I love taking spontaneous pictures: reportage and documentary style is my thing, together with street photography and creative portraits. I love to slowly observe and to find beauty and inspiration in the little, hidden things.

And I love photography, because I think it’s magic, not only in the way that light “writes”, but also in its power to change the perception of time, to capture emotions, and make them last forever.

Kind Words

“ My boyfriend and I hadn't ever had a shoot before but the talented Elena made us feel at ease straight away! She was very encouraging and engaging and allowed for the perfect mix between telling us what worked but also letting us to do our own thing, meaning we always felt comfortable. With her keen eye for photography, Elena suggested the most beautiful beach sunset in Corfu as the background to our shoot which was incredible both in real life and in the photos. Elena was very able in her photography skills and seemed to get the perfect shots so quickly. We are so happy with the stunning photos which Elena has edited amazingly and would have no problems recommending her to anyone, no matter what occasion it is! Thanks again for capturing those stunning moments so well! ”
“ Where do I start? I can’t say enough good things about Elena and her work. It’s amazing how comfortable she was able to make us feel in a place far away from home. Elena has the unique ability to understand people and quickly build a rapport, so that it feels more like a collaboration than a photo shoot. She doesn’t just take pictures, she captures the essence of a moment, because she understands the person in front of the lens. Even when the weather took a turn for the worse in the middle of our session, she was able to change gears and find a solution that resulted in some of the most beautiful pictures I’ve seen. When I look back at the photos that Elena took of us, I feel transported back to that moment in time, and I can feel exactly what I was feeling in that moment. If you’re looking for world-class photography, a day of smiling and laughing, and unforgettable memories then I would suggest contacting Elena as soon as you can - I guarantee you won’t regret it. ”
“ Our photoshoot with Elena has been an amazing experience for the both of us. Normally I am very shy and do not like to have my photos taken. But I trusted Elena and I knew that I was not to regret anything. And I was right! Not only the photos are beautiful and are an amazing gift for life but the shooting itself has been really fun and unique. Elena is really professional and made us feel comfortable right away, she guided us throughout different scenarios and poses and the results are incredible. I will always be grateful for this and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to stop the most beautiful moments and feelings in a timeless moment. ”
“ I was lucky enough to meet a sensitive and energy-filled artist. Elena puts all of herself in her work and is a guarantee of excellent taste, professionalism, attention and care for details, because her photos reflect what she has inside her. The art of photography is to tell stories and emotions through images, Elena has managed to give us memories full of feeling. 5 stars are not enough to describe her professionalism, if you are looking for someone able to put you at ease even if you are not used to the lens she will surely know how! Thanks also to her great assistant, super helpful and nice, who helped us in the realization of a 2 and 4 legged shoot! There will certainly be a new opportunity to rely on this deserving Artist!   ”
Noor and Sam
Noor and Sam
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Ross and Eric
Ross and Eric
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Pamela and Cesar
Paris, France
Emily and Davide
Emily and Davide
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