Anna, Alvaro and I were already a team for their small intimate wedding in Schaerbeek.

After being their photographer at their amazing pre-wedding photo session, they didn’t have anything to worry about for their wedding: they knew how I work as a wedding photographer, and we got along so well that it felt like home for the three of us.

I had the honor to meet their beautiful families, and to be there during the ceremony in the wonderful Schaerbeek wedding hall.

Just like many other couples in Brussels, their guests came from all around Europe: Germany, Spain, Belgium, Italy…

The day was sunny, the temperature perfect, and Schaerbeek is really a beautiful neighborhood.

We met in front of Schaerbeek city hall, which has one of my favorite wedding halls in Brussels, and the ceremony was really touching and intimate.

Even if the couple was not allowed to take their mask off.

After the small intimate wedding in Schaerbeek, we went to the venue for the reception: a modern, wide apartment a couple of stops away from the city hall. There was a garden and the guests could go out and enjoy the sun and the good food. 

Anna and Alvaro also organized a funny questions game about them and their lives, and the two teams of guests had so much fun playing!

Then we walked together to Josaphat Park, which is absolutely my favorite in Brussels. And so, to remember their Small intimate wedding in Schaerbeek, the final step was a sweet, funny couple session around the park, playing with shadows and looking together for nice and interesting spots.

Anna And Alvaro are such a smart and funny couple!

We didn't even notice the time passing by, and we had a great time together! They are real travelers on the road and we found out we have a lot in common! And also, I was able to practice a little Spanish talking with them and with their sweet families!

Intimate wedding Schaerbeek
Intimate wedding Schaerbeek

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