I’m in the middle of a busy, and very very joyful summer, and it was hard to find some time to post this amazing, classy, elegant civil wedding in Brussels. But I couldn’t wait to show the world how beautiful Amélie and Simone were on that sunny and warm day of May.

When I first met Amélie and Simone, I was amazed by their elegance and at the same time their easy going, relaxed energy. She’s Belgian and he’s Italian, and they welcomed me in their exquisite apartment telling me about their story, their passions and their wishes for the day.

On May the 21st, for their civil wedding in Brussels, we met at the Grand Place, at 11 o'clock, on a crowded, bright morning, and despite the tourists and the hard light, I couldn’t be more inspired by such an amazing couple: they were just perfect, natural, a little shy in front of the camera (like everybody), but willing to have a good time and to allow me to capture their true emotions with a natural approach.

They got married in Brussels' marvelous town hall, after a long wait in the courtyard, where we took advantage of the beautiful background to have some group pictures and to explore the waiting rooms of the hall. The ceremony was very short but intense, and ended with the traditional picture from the balcony, with a stunning view over the square.

Everything was just perfect, and their natural happiness and love for each other made the memories we created together a significant gift over time.

They wanted me to follow them for a toast at the 65 Degrees restaurant in the Louise neighborhood, where a simple and classy wedding set was ready for them, and I was honored to enjoy their new beginning with their family and friends!

It was just like that: simple, classy, elegant, natural and inspiring. One of my favorite civil weddings in Brussels this season!

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