Before moving to Belgium, I have been living in Rome: I moved there to study photography and after that I worked at Destination Weddings.

This city has been a teacher for me: huge, messy, sometimes cruel.

But how beautiful, mesmerizing, immense is it?Rome is where I met my man, where I have amazing and deep friendship, where I started learning photography, where I realized I love taking pictures of Love. And where I started working at Destination Weddings.So I’m crazy in love with Rome, with its sky, with its colors, its sounds, it’s flavors…I explored it all way around, and I know by heart all its main and hidden streets, the best places to have a walk, to eat out, to take pictures…I am and I’ll always be grateful for every single thing that I learned during my time there. And grateful for every single person that shared emotions, thoughts, life. With me.Other than that, I had the chance to:

  • work with great and experienced photographers, who helped me in learning and developing my own style
  • build beautiful relationships with video makers, wedding planners and other talented professionals of this wonderful field
  • shoot at some of the best destination weddings ever
  • meet amazing people from all over the world, including couples, their families, their friends
  • share and live deep emotions
  • know all the best and most wonderful wedding locations in Rome and around the whole region.

No other job would give me such a gift, and I couldn’t be more passionate about all the human contact that’s possible working at weddings.

After the introduction, here are some memories, from my Destination Weddings in Rome.

beautiful church in Rome destination wedding photographer
Casina di Poggio della Rota Rome Destination Wedding
Groom in the mirror in Rome - wedding photographer in Brussels
Villa in Appia street, Rome destination wedding
the groom and his mother wedding day
The bride dress out of the church with the wind
kids playing in the church wedding photographer Brussels
girls running wedding
Crying bride Brussels wedding photographer
Bride putting her shoes on
the first dance between bride and groom
Rome wedding location Appia street destination wedding
Groom and groomsmen getting ready
wedding lively party brussels wedding photography
Bride dress sparkling
throwing the bouquet
Wedding location Elena Mantovan wedding photographer Brussels

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