Silvia and Nicolò are Italian, live in Ixelles, Brussels, and they celebrated their wedding at Sainte Anne castle. It couldn’t be easier to feel at home with them: Silvia is from Rome, Nicolò is from Venice and lived in Ferrara. It’s funny because I lived in all of these three cities and from the beginning we had so much in common and so much to talk about!

They are both archeologists and travel a lot all around the world. They welcomed me in their cozy apartment and we felt right away we could create some great memories together.

The day of the wedding in Ixelles city hall was a misty morning of the beginning of June. Nicolò waited with his parents and friends for Silvia to come. All the guests gathered in front of the entrance of Ixelles’ city hall, while the sun started to come out of the clouds.And she was beautiful, glowing!

The ceremony in Ixelles is always short, yet very intimate and sweet. I had tears in my eyes while they said yes! An Italian wedding is always moving, and even in Ixelles, it reminded me of when I used to work in Rome - a little nostalgic moment 🙂

After some group pictures out of the city hall and some candid hugs and kisses, all the guests went directly to Sainte Anne Castle, while Silvia, Nicolò and I drove to the Woluwe Parc, where I took some nice, romantic couple pictures. Woluwe Parc is amazing for this: it is wide, has ponds all around, and beautiful weeping willows to hide in and play with sun and shadows.

When we finished there, we went to Sainte Anne castle, where the whole upper floor was dedicated for the reception. I sat at Silvia’s parents table, and it was really nice to meet her dear ones and listen to stories about Silvia and her family.

The food was simply amazing by Choux de Bruxelles and the cake came with sparkling candles!

After this beautiful day, Silvia, Nicolò and I became friends, and we often see each other. I’m always pleased when it happens: it is not just a job for me, I really put all my life into what I do, and I get so much back from my couples!

And this romantic Italian wedding in Ixelles, one of my favorite neighborhoods in Brussels, is proof of it!

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