No one ever knows what the outcome of a couple session will be before it starts. 

You get ready, explore places, check the weather, meet the couple. 

But anyway the magic that was created when Emily and Davide let go and they felt comfortable in front of the lens... and the December sun setting right at that moment... that emotion, for Emily, for Davide, and for me, that emotion is unpredictable and always unexpected. 

And that's the most beautiful part of this job.

Davide and I have been friends for many years.

For many years I've been living far away from my birthplace. A little village in the middle the regional park of the river Po delta, one hour far from Venice. But we always kept in touch, and we always met whenever I went back home, to visit my family.

About those times, we have memories of afternoons spent on the beach, both of us complaining about our loneliness, our lost loves, our fears to end up alone, not to find the right person, our resignation. I remember myself, saying to him, to never give up, and to keep the faith, that we were young and that we had time...

After so many years, it's funny to remember it with a nostalgic and sweet smile on my face, because both of us are now so happy and have our own soulmate.

And finally, I got to know Emily, who is such a sweet, at ease and kind girl. And seeing my friends now so intimate and deeply in love, makes my heart huge of happiness.

Thus, no other place could be chosen for this couple session of theirs, but that beach where we used to be afraid of loneliness, and where now we celebrate Love during a warm, mild, December sunset.

Plus, flares are my favorites, you know it 😉

-> Have a look at a little video I made with their pics, at the bottom of the page

pines leaning for the wind
couple walking in a beautiful forest
Couple with a dog exploring a forest between bushes
black and white silhouette of a couple
a path in the forest
sea landscape with couple walking
couple on the beach and dog, running
couple walking and dancing on the shore
blond girl smiling, with light sky on the background
calm sea landscape
couple walking on a beach, blurred subjects
couple hugging and laughing
close up of a kiss, lips and noses
beach dunes sunset
Sweet couple kissing on a beach with rainbow flare effects
beach dunes landscape
faces cuddling, his eyes closed, her eyes deeply to the left
forehead to forehead, smiling, a couple
Beach dunes landscape
intertwined hands
trees silhouette with sunset sky and pink clouds
Couple cuddling cheek to cheek
Couple cuddling, her forehead on his cheek
blurred silhouette of a couple with sunset background
amazing sunset landscape reflected on a lagoon
Couple cuddling nose to nose
two airplane trails intersecting

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