How fun was Anna and Alvaro’s pre-wedding photo session in Laeken Park!

I woke up that Friday morning with the almost certain feeling that we had to postpone our pre-wedding photo session at Laeken Park: it was raining, and, even by checking the forecast every hour, it was impossible to be sure of the weather - like always, when you leave in Brussels! - and at 4 o’clock I started being really pessimistic.

Our appointment was at 6:30pm, so I went to Laeken Park a little earlier to have a walk in the surroundings - and I discovered some really nice spots that I didn’t know in Brussels, but 10 minutes before the time, it started raining, again. 

I entered the car and waited there, a bit disappointed of course, expecting Anna and Alvaro to write me letting me know that they gave up and didn’t come for their pre-wedding photo session.

But they didn’t. And thank God they didn’t!!

They arrived by bike, with trekking boots and wet jeans - the perfect outfit for an adventurous pre-wedding session, and after 10 minutes the sun came out. 

A bright, shining sun, at sunset time, with long shadows and a beautiful, warm, soft light, no clouds and a clear blue sky. Laeken Park was completely empty, except the three of us - and birds, and hares!

It was like the Universe put things in order for us to have the best - and funniest - pre-wedding photo session in Brussels!

Anna and Alvaro come from Spain - I’m such a big fan of Spain! - they met here in Brussels and fell in love. So they decided to consider Brussels as their new home, and that’s where they decided to get married.

They are such nice people, smart, funny, at ease: we made a great team from the beginning, and I consider them friends already, after having the honor to capture their emotions during this pre-wedding photo session and during their wedding in Schaerbeek, Brussels.

We really, really had great fun together!!

prewedding couple photo session park Laeken Brussels
pre-wedding photo session Brussels

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