When Kate and Gabe contacted me for their couple photo session in Brussels, I was thrilled. They met in Brussels many years ago, and after that they started a long-distance relationship that managed to overcome all the obstacles.

Eventually they got married. they lived for some years in Germany, and they were going to move back to the United States when they decided to have a romantic tour in Brussels and have their couple photo session.

Kate was amazing when she wrote me: she told me about their story, and she was afraid I didn't have a free time slot for doing this. Fortunately we were able to organize everything perfectly, and the couple photo session in Brussels went smooth and easy.

The place where they met was the Delirium Café, so we imagined an itinerary that could include it. We started with the classical Grand Place, went to Mont des Arts, and finished in the Royal Square.

They were just amazing. At ease in front of the camera, authentic, I didn't have to tell them anything, they were just spontaneous and in love. That's it.

The tour we chose is a common tour that I often make with my couples. Brussels city center is so charming and if it's sunny, the sunset light is just stunning.

I'm still in touch with these beautiful two guys: they write sometimes and update me about how their life is going in the US, they just added a little dog to the family and they had a big celebration for their wedding now that Covid is gone and we're all safe. That's a thing that I absolutely love about my job. We build connections together, we do it very quickly, but it's usually very deep. And those connections remain in time. It's a privilege. And I'm always so grateful about it.

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