This is a special post, about a magic Tuscany Engagement Session

After moving to Belgium, I needed time to settle down, to understand and to learn many new things. Living in a different country was an experience that always called me, but that I never had the opportunity to do before. At the beginning it's not easy. I had to spend a lot of energy and time in getting used to many different aspects. Plus, I had to move, which is already a lot! 

So, for this reason, I decided to take a short break from shooting.

But it's hard to stay away for too long from what you love!

After a while, when things started to happen easily, the furniture was in its place, I had all my bureaucracy set. I thought it was the right time.

 In a stunning, breathtaking place, in the middle of Tuscany hills, I attended to the first edition of  The Circle Workshop, with Beatrice Moricci and Federico A. Cutuli. I couldn't find better teachers, or better classmates. It was a moment of intense, deep emotional contact with great human beings, and it was the moment when I got to take pictures again.

La Casa di Franca is a wonderful rural villa, with cozy rooms and and a wonderful view on the Chianti Valley. Other than a memorable photographic experience and precious teachings from two great wedding photographers, we had the best, most delicious home made Tuscan food, abundant breakfasts, a healthy morning yoga session, and the best night portfolio lectures ever.

Last, but not least, We had the opportunity to shoot at this magic Tuscany Engagement Session. 

Federico showed us how to manage the couple, how to teach them the best movement, where to walk for the best point of view, and then let us free to express ourself. The result was just amazing, and we all had the time of our life.

Patrizia and Francesco were just the perfect couple. Their smiles and cuddles, under a moody weather, represent my new beginning, and a special memory to me.

Detail lovers close up black and white - wedding photographer in Brussels

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