When he contacted me to be his photographer in Brussels, Anthony already organised everything for his surprise proposal to Jaqueline.

Everything was set, he just needed a photographer in Brussels.

I was so thrilled when I met him in a video call, he was the sweetest and we got along well, very quickly. We planned our itinerary, the place where he'd propose, the meeting point, at the Cinquantenaire Park.

The only thing he didn’t mention was that Jaqueline was so heart-warmed and sweet!

I was really happy when I met them both at a nice Terrasse, we all felt at ease from the very first moment and we told each other about our experiences as we were old friends catching up with life.

There was only one problem, that every photographer in Brussels fears: it was raining. And it was a quite strong and annoying rain, and the temperature wasn’t nice either, it was very cold.

A photographer in Brussels has to live with grey skies, and with rain too, but I’ve always been so lucky lately and always found beautiful blue skies, or at worst cloudy skies. Rarely I worked in the rain - and by the way, the result is amazing.

This time I had to do it 🙂

Anthony and Jaqueline were the most cooperative, easy, funny couple. They just broke the ice in a second, and were themselves in front of their photographer’s lenses. I didn’t have to guide them through the shooting, it was like they already knew what to do.

It’s always like that: all the couples, when looking for a photographer in Brussels, tell me that they are shy, introverted, and not at ease in front of a camera.

But it really takes nothing to just warm up, open up, feel good, enjoy the moment, laugh. You all are not alone in this, you just need to trust your photographer in Brussels, and it’s really funny to live the shooting as if it was a game, and then having it captured forever.

This was a really important moment to capture: Jaqueline had an idea of the proposal coming, but was so amazed and excited that it happened that day, that moment, in a rainy Brussels.

We were so lucky that towards the end of the shooting the sun came out and colored the Grand Place with a yellow, warm light.

It’s always so lovely to work with couples in love! I really loved this surprise proposal! 

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