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The Whole Process

I want that you know from the beginning the way I work, in order for the whole process will be stress-free and without unanswered questions.

So sit down, have a cup of coffee, and read the page carefully. If you can't do it now, save its url: you won't find in the menu of my website.

And of course, we are all human and all unique: if I didn't give you an answer to a question of yours, you know where to find me!

Thank you for contacting me. This is a page I created just for you.


IT'S A NEW EXPERIENCE WITH SO MANY DETAILS and ASPECTS TO CONSIDER. And even for a simple couple photo session, you just don't do it every day.

Red bricks and clouds in Brussels




You just got my first email


I always try to give many information staying light and short. You will be busy in preparing thousands of other details, and I want us to become quickly a good team, so the communication will be smooth and won't steal precious time.

We're arranging a little informal meeting. Are you already full of questions? It's allright! Take a notebook or a piece of paper and write them down, together with all the details that you already know about your day. I can't wait to meet you and to know what's important for you!

Our meeting


I always let you choose the location for our chat: is it your favorite cafe? A park close by where you live? Or just your cozy living room? You do you. I want you to feel at ease: not knowing what to do and what is going to happen can be stressful, so let's try to reduce it at the minimum! I'll be there to answer all your questions and to review all the process. And, hey, we'll be there to know each other a little! Let's talk about books, movies, travels, art.. whatever lights you up! What do you love?

Let's make it quick: the paperwork


Did you have a good feeling? Am I the right photographer for your great day?

YAY! I can't wait for it! As soon as you let me know that we're in this together, I'll submit 2 documents to you to be signed:

- the contract for the wedding photo shooting, that will contain date, time, locations, duration of the service, total accorded fee, what I'll include in the service, methods of payment, method of delivery of the work, and the permission (only if present) to use your pictures on my website and other websites that I use to promote my work.

- I work with, a cooperative that allowed me to be an independent professional during the Covid period, without needing a VAT number. I'll receive the payments through this system, so you'll need to confirm your personal information (name, address, email) with a signature before the first payment.

Both will need a digital signature via the website Xodosign - no need to print or scan.

I swear that's all! No more bureaucratic stress!

Payment of the advance fee


Within 7 days from the digital signature of the contract, a 40% advance needs to be paid to confirm the booking.

Voilà, you officially have your Wedding Photographer

And now? What's next?

All the times

you'll hear

from me

Every step you take


For every step of the booking process, I'll always be there, available via email, Whatsapp or phone. I'll always send you the confirmation when I hear from you, when you signed the contract, when you paid the advance and the intermediate fee (if we agreed on that). And please: never, never, never hesitate to ask any questions.

I'm human


I might forget to ask you a little detail during our meeting, or I might make a small mistake in writing the contract. I have a good memory and I write down most of information, but if I require some extra detail, I'll get in touch to ask what I need.

For the rest of the time, I will mainly remain silent without stealing time. Do you need tips in looking for vendors? Just ask: I'll share my trusted ones. Do you want my advice for the location? I'm all ears and eyes, and happy to help!

Two weeks before the wedding


Two weeks before the wedding everything should be more or less in place and arranged. Let's have a little Zoom call and catch up: it's been a while since our first meeting! And let's review the schedule of the day together: how will you move from a location to another? When and where exactly do we want to set your photo session? Is there something really important happening? The best friend's speech? Fireworks? Tell me all about it! Is there any detail that we didn't fixed at the time of the contract? Let's do it now.

The day before the wedding


This time it will be just a little Whatsapp message, to wish you goodnight and to reassure you: everything is going to be perfect! See you tomorrow, guys! Rest and enjoy every moment!

Hey! It's your day!

We spoke a lot before the wedding. Now it's your day, just forget about me. Live deeply every moment, every emotion, every shiver and every tear, and focus on what really matters: you're getting married, guys!

You won't notice me: I'll do my thing, I'll never ask to pose, to "look this way", or to do anything that can draw your attention away from what you're living. The only moment it will be the three of us it's when we agreed on your couple photo session, where I'll guide you to create some beautiful memories of you two, just married.

And then I'll disappear again, capturing raw, authentic moments, until the end.

After the wedding

Are you in for a sneak peak?


Within a week after the wedding, I'll send you a few previews. I guess your parents and friends are looking forward to them as much as you are!

You will be able to easily share them with anyone who wants to see them!

Deep work


Then I'll be in silence. It will feel like a long wait, in some moments. But I'm sure you know that beautiful things take time to be done. I'll spend hours in front of my computer, switching between Photoshop and Lightroom and using all my secret tools to make the most out of your photos. I never delivered a work exactly at the deadline, always before: enjoy the surprise effect, you'll get the photos when you don't expect them!

Your pictures are ready


And you'll get my favorite email. You'll find your video-slide and the link to your private gallery with all the instructions to get access and download the pictures. Also, you'll be able to access the shop and order prints, framed photos and other beautiful objects: believe me, a photo was born as a tangible object and it's much more valuable when you can see it in front of your eyes! This will also be the moment when you can order a photo book if you want one.

A very important thing: please please please write me as soon as you see the pictures. Let me know how you feel! Share your reactions now that they are fresh! It will be my biggest reward ♡

Surprise mini album and watercolor portrait


It takes a short time for the album to be mailed at your address, and I'll keep you posted on that. In the meantime, I'll start working on your portrait, but it might take up to 6 months for it, especially if we're in the middle of the wedding season. Then we can decide to meet again so I can give it to you in person, or I'll mail it to you.




Your opinion on the whole experience is important. For me, and for all the couples in love that are willing to get married.

Write it as you were writing to me. How did you feel when you saw the pictures? Did you like the painting? How was the communication? Did you feel taken care during the process? Are you happy about the investment? How do you find me as a professional, and as a person? You do you.

Do you still have questions?

Of course you do.

That's why we're meeting. Go back to your mail box or send me a message on Whatsapp: when is the best moment for you?

I really look forward to meeting you and to listen to your story, to your needs and wishes, and to team up with you!

My first and most important aim - other than the high quality of the photos -is that you have a great experience, from the beginning to the end. And I hope you're starting to have a good feeling already!