A Guide For Your Couple Photo Session

Few people are completely

at ease in front of a camera.

That's why I prepared this page for you, be it for a short couple session

or during your wedding day, for the moment when we'll take some time to create beautiful memories of you two.

You want natural pictures that reflect who you really are and what you really feel for one another.

This guide will help you getting ready for that.

You're not used to have

your pictures taken

together with your loved one.

Before: what you need to know

"I'm so shy! I'm not at ease in front of the camera"


This is one of the sentences that I hear the most from my couples. And I always answer with two points. First: if you're shy, there's nothing wrong with it. It's a part of you and it's real and it can be sweet and nice in the pictures. You don't need to be someone else!

Second: actually, you won't be in front of the camera 🙂 you'll be in front of your loved one, cuddling, playing, walking, laughing. Aren't you at ease with that? That's the only thing you need to focus on!

It's just the two of you


Me, I'll be hiding behind the lens!

For a couple photo session, we want to get away from guests and friends: you wouldn't feel free to be completely yourself.

Also, take a couple of minutes, some days before the wedding, to let your guests know that there will be a photographer and they won't need to capture every moment with their phone 😉

What to wear


If it's about having a short couple session, you might be asking what's the best outfit for the occasion. First rule: feel comfortable and again, be yourself! You don't have to completely change your habits in order to look different from what you are in the pictures. Before our session, text me and send pictures of what you feel like wearing: I'll advise and let you know what's best 😉

Maybe you are a bit nervous?


It's normal, almost everybody is nervous before a photo shoot. Embrace it all! Your loved one is there with you in all this, and photo after photo I promise the tension will loosen.

You don't know what to do during the shoot? I'll smoothly guide you through it, you don't need to worry about that. But, anyway, keep on scrolling: I know you want to be prepared 😉

Yes, but what should I wait during the photo shoot?

What do I need to do?

Belgian coast - Italian Wedding Photographer

During the

photo shoot: tips,

dos and don'ts

First rule: never look at the camera


It's like you are in a movie: I'm not there. Look up, look down, look at the same direction far toward the horizon, and especially look at each other. You don't know where to look at? Just take a deep breath, cuddle your loved one, and close your eyes.

Sometimes I might ask you to look at me, but you won't have to use your "photo-face": no need to force your smile!

Easy prompts


I could ask you to slowly walk hand by hand, to stand one in front of each other, to cuddle... if I might ask you something that might seem funny, it's just because it's going to make you laugh, and laughing is perfect for our result!

Sometimes I'll ask you to just stand still, but this has very little to do with posing and a lot with me playing with long or double exposures - it's just me being a nerd 🙂

What to do with your hands


Use them! Stroke her or his hair, brush the skin of her or his arms and wrists, encircle her or his hips, squeeze her or his shoulders, play with her or his fingers.

Anything is better than hiding your hands or letting them hang down your sides.

Hands express emotions like few other parts of the body: let them express themselves!

Have fun and enjoy the cuddles


You're not just having your pictures taken. You're spending some sweet time with your loved one. Make the best out of it! Focus on the fact that you're together and that the whole experience will be fun and emotional, if you just let yourself go and enjoy the moment. Time will fly and at the end you'll be sorry it's over!