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I’m deeply and sincerely fond of all my Couples.

Some of them were Friends, some became Friends,

With all of them I shared amazing moments of mutual connection.

These are some of the reviews for the photography I gave, with heart and soul, at their wedding, engagement, elopement.

I’m full of Gratitude.

Anna and Alvaro


Our experience with Elena was magnificent from the beginning till the end. She was easy to engage and accommodating and showed a proactiveness and a positive attitude that were contagious. She was always professional and made you feel you were in good hands. The pre-wedding photo-shooting experience was lots of fun and the wedding day she managed to capture all the moments and details worth remembering, while being as discrete as a shade. Her work was impeccable: done with the care of someone who enjoys their job. For all of this and the nice rapport we established with her, we are more than satisfied and cannot emphasize enough how recommendable she is.

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Teodora and Giancluca


Elena is an amazing person and professional. She takes the time to get to know you and understand your style, your story and implement those unique features into her photos (even if you don’t have all the answers, she guides you through the process). During the wedding day/event itself, she was very punctual, she found the perfect balance between giving us some tips and ideas about the pictures, and at the same time leaving us being ourselves and capturing our authentic emotions without being imposing at all. If you describe yourself as a shy person, who prefers to take pictures and not being on pictures, Elena is a great photographer for your special day. We love every single shot she took! I will recommend her wholeheartedly to everyone! The 5 stars rating are just not enough for her!

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Wedding Photographer Reviews

Phoebe and Adrien


Elena captured our the essence of our day so beautifully, elegantly and professionally.

She was quick to respond, always had helpful ideas and cared as much about our day as we did!

So grateful to have found her, and we will definitely use her again!

Cannot recommend highly enough!!

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Brussels City Tour

Yeasle and Tim


All thanks to Elena and her amazing talent and patience, we were able to celebrate our love and to make unforgettable memories in Brussels during the pandemic.

We were nervous about the photoshoot as a (very) shy couple, but she made sure that we were comfortable in front of the camera. With Elena, we had a lot of fun exploring the city. She showed us around the cool parts of Brussels while taking pictures of us, naturally and truthfully.

The results are stunning. We love every picture we received. Elena captured everything – our raw emotions; the beauty and charm of the city; and the mood of the day. We are really thankful for her impressive work. When we get married, we know who to call as our wedding photographer 🙂 I highly recommend Elena for capturing your special moments with your loved one!

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Gay couple cuddling in Oviedo's square

Ross and Eric


I can’t say enough good things about Elena and her work. It’s amazing how comfortable she was able to make us feel in a place far away from home. Elena has the unique ability to understand people and quickly build a rapport, so that it feels more like a collaboration than a photo shoot. She doesn’t just take pictures, she captures the essence of a moment, because she understands the person in front of the lens.

Even when the weather took a turn for the worse in the middle of our session, she was able to change gears and find a solution that resulted in some of the most beautiful pictures I’ve seen. When I look back at the photos that Elena took of us, I feel transported back to that moment in time, and I can feel exactly what I was feeling in that moment.

If you’re looking for world-class photography, a day of smiling and laughing, and unforgettable memories then I would suggest contacting Elena as soon as you can – I guarantee you won’t regret it.

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Maria Chiara and Karl


Working with Elena was an absolute pleasure.

She made us feel very comfortable in front of the camera, almost as if she was not there.

Elena perfectly captured the vibes of my boyfriend Karl and me in her pictures. Each photo she takes tells the story of a moment that you shared as a couple.

She is very professional and friendly at the same time. The quality of her work is definitely above average and we were totally satisfied.

I very much recommend her as a photographer for special moments you will remember forever.

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Pamela and Caesar


Our photoshoot with Elena has been an amazing experience for the both of us.

Normally I am very shy and do not like to have my photos taken.

But I trusted Elena and I knew that I was not to regret anything. And I was right!

Not only the photos are beautiful and are an amazing gift for life but the shooting itself has been really fun and unique.

Elena is really professional and made us feel comfortable right away, she guided us throughout different backgrounds and poses and the results are incredible.

I will always be grateful for this and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to capture the most beautiful moments and feelings in a timeless moment.

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Emily and Davide


I was lucky enough to meet such a sensitive artist, full of energy.

Elena puts all of herself into her work and is a guarantee of excellent taste, professionalism, care and attention to detail, because her photos reflect what she has inside her.
The art of photography is to tell stories and emotions through images, and Elena managed to give us memories full of feeling.

5 stars are not enough to describe her professionalism, if you are looking for someone who can put you at ease despite not being used to the goal, she will certainly know how to put you at ease! Congratulations also to his excellent assistant, super helpful and nice, who helped us in the realization of a 2 and 4 legged service! There will certainly be a new opportunity to rely on this deserving artist!

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Brussels Engagement Session - Couple dancing at the Abattoir

Alice and Mariano


Elena did a great job!

I’m not photogenic and I dreaded a little the result … Elena reassured me very quickly, telling me that there was no “photogenic” and that it was his job to offer me pictures where I will be as she sees me and as she sees us my partner and me!

Thank you for the beautiful time spent together to walk the city, looking for the spot that suits us, perfectly imperfect light, from the moment to capture!

Thank you for your patience and your professionalism and especially for the extra result that you offered us!

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~ Wedding Photographer Reviews ~

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