~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

Have a question for me? Maybe here below you can find an answer.

But don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to know more!

♡ Where are you based? Where do you work?

I’m currently based in Brussels, Belgium, after moving from Rome, Italy, where I lived and permanently worked as a wedding photographer for four years. From these two places, I can reach you wherever close, by car.

I was born near Venice, I lived in Bologna, Ferrara and in Rome, so I know by heart some of the best places in Italy. Also, I’m in love with Belgium landscapes, architecture and moody atmosphere, and with the city I live in, Brussels, so diverse and interesting.

I’m a real, passionate traveler, and I can reach you in whatever destination you choose for your love wedding story to be told. If I have to travel, I’m not afraid of any means of transport, and, in case I don’t have a friend who hosts me (I have friends in many different countries), I will charge only for the transport ticket and the lodging.

I can speak:

  • Italian,
  • English,
  • French,
  • Spanish,
  • a little Dutch (working hard on this one!)
  • just some German (studied at the university but hard to keep practicing)

And – everybody knows it – Italians can perfectly communicate by only using hand gestures 😉

♡ What’s your style in Wedding Photography?

When I first learned photography, I studied reportage, and this style remained with me up to now, that I work with wedding photography. I love natural, authentic moments, no posed pictures.

Also, I’m an art lover and painter, so I mix documentary style with my artistic point of view, usually when taking portraits.

I love the little gestures, the hidden glimpses that no one notices, the small movements and the imperfections that are so precious and intimate for a couple, that make two people become one. I love when you, two lovers, let me enter in your world and fully trust me, so to give me the opportunity to capture the magic and the truth between you and between your loved ones.

And I love imagining your smiles and emotions when I delivered my work ♥ my ultimate goal is for you to be happy 🙂

♡ What gear do you use?

I work with 2 Nikon D4 cameras.

My favorite lenses are:

  • Nikon AF-D 20mm f/2.8
  • Nikon AF-S 28-70mm f/2.8
  • Nikon AF-S 50mm f/1.8
  • Nikon AF-D 85mm f/1.8

♡ Are you a work-alone photographer or will you be there with an assistant?

I am used to work both alone and with a second photographer or an assistant. This depends on the event, on the location, on the number of guests. And on your desires, of course.

For intimate events, elopements and photo experiences, I usually prefer to work alone. This, to preserve intimacy and get personally in touch with the participants.

For big events and for long duration, I normally work with an assistant or with a second photographer. This, to capture a bigger number of beautiful moments, to include situations that happen at the same time, and to add a point of view in the storytelling.

If you feel that you could need one more person to capture the best moments, or if you prefer me to be alone, don’t hesitate to let me know: we can talk about it together.

♡ How to book? How much in advance?

It takes a while to arrange a wedding day. But I won’t steal you much time from that. So how to book for your wedding photographer? And when?

First of all, I suggest to book as soon as you have a good sensation while looking at my photos. You have to feel it deeply, and understand if my work resonates with what you truly are and want.

The photos I’ll take, the painting I’ll give you, and your memories, are the only things that will remain in time and will keep on living through years.
They’ll be there to preserve the emotions you lived, to share that feelings with your beloved and family, through the years, to shape your story.

So, choose your photographer trying to listen to your guts and feelings, trust your instinct and emotional perception.

Then, the sooner, the better! 

How to book it? You just have to contact me. We’ll check the availability, and if possible, we’ll meet or talk for a while to break the ice. In this way, you’ll let me know what kind of service you are looking for.

I usually prefer us to meet or to have, for example, a video call. This, because I prefer you to meet me before the session and to tell me your story – or to listen to mine!

The booking will be confirmed by signing a detailed contract (and paying a 40% deposit – for weddings).

♡ How many photos will you deliver? How long does it take?

I will delivery all the best pictures in high resolution Jpeg files within two to four months, via a private web gallery.

  • For engagements and couple sessions of 2.5 hours, I’ll deliver at least 80 photos.
  • For elopements and short weddings starting from 3 hours, I’ll deliver at least 200 photos.
  • For a wedding day, starting from 6 hours, I’ll deliver 300/500 photos. If you want me to be there, I’ll be at your disposal during the entire wedding day, with no limit of photos delivered.

♡ Who’s going to choose the photos?

I’ll be the one there capturing the story of your wedding day from the beginning to the end, so I’ll choose and edit the photos of your wedding story, or your engagement, or elopement, thanks to the trust you give me.

We’ll also discuss and decide together the portrait that will inspire me for your unique painting of you.

♡ Can we print the pictures?

Printing rights for all the pictures I’ll deliver are included in the service, and you can print your pictures as many times as you wish.

♡ Do you also take care of the wedding album or photo book?

I adore photo books! And since I work with weddings, I am mad in love for wedding books and albums!

If you choose for a wedding book or a wedding album, I’ll be by your side in choosing the best pictures and the style, be it digital or traditional. I am in contact with some great experts that will deliver the wedding book of your dreams 😉

♡ What about a wedding video?

I am not a video maker, at least for the moment. Anyway I’m very passionate about videos, and I absolutely love wedding videos: they make me cry most of the times! For this reason, I have many good friends who work with wedding videos, and I’m always widening my net, here in Belgium and worldwide.

So, for your wedding video, I can warmly recommend:

Other than that, you will have a short wedding video with the pictures I took. And – very important! – we can choose the music together for that! 

Oh, and I’m also in love with GIFs! You’ll get plenty of those, delivered together with your pictures!

♡ What is the painting that you talk about?

I love painting, drawing, illustrating. I always did. I decided that painting and photography can work together, and I want to share the gift of my self-taught talent with the couples that choose me as their photographer, to show my gratitude, to give something unique and special. We’ll choose one of your favorite portrait, from the ones I took during your shooting. Then we’ll choose a style, a concept, an idea. And then I’ll paint a unique, original piece for you.

Have a look here to see what I’m talking about 😉

♡ What do you need before and during the wedding day?

Before the wedding day, we’ll have a meeting or a live call, and we’ll chat about whatever you want.

I’ll tell you about me, and you’ll tell me about you: I want all of us to feel understood, connected and at ease with one another when the day is coming – you’ll have plenty of other things to take care of, so I want us three to be ready to be a team!

As soon as it will be possible, I’ll ask you the schedule of the event, and the additional details I might need to know.

For long services (more than 6 hours), I’ll need to eat something: it’s up to you to choose the menu for me.