Rustic wedding in the Flemish countryside

I had the honor and pleasure to be Rasha and Waad’s wedding photographer and to capture the memories of their wedding in the middle of the Flemish countryside.


Leefdaal, the place where they chose to celebrate their love with their dear ones, is a very small village in Flanders, surrounded by beautiful hills, and located between Louvain and Brussels. It was my first time there, and by the way, I said to myself that I need to explore much more of this part of Belgium! While driving to the place I was completely stunned by the sunlight that cherished the hills, it is a real beauty!


Rasha and Waad’s friends and family made me feel at home – I felt like a guest, more than a vendor: they offered lunch and wedding cake, and they also taught me some Iraqi words.

It was a great time, surrounded by the beautiful Flemish country background.

We also took a moment to have a walk together in the countryside, to have some couple pictures of their wedding day, and they were just amazing. They enjoyed my way of working, went along with my inspiration, felt very natural and at ease, and shared their emotions – and a very special secret! – with me. They were just perfect in front of the camera!


It didn’t take long to work on their pictures, and I delivered them earlier than agreed. 


Waad’s first words, when they saw all the photos of their wedding, made my day. And will make this post 🙂

Habiby Elena, thanks a lot for sending the pictures and for asking about Rasha. We just saw them, and as we expected, you made great shots with your vision. Thank you a lot, shukran!”


Thanks to you, Rasha and Waad! I’m grateful for such a great time we spent!

Flemish Countryside Wedding
Flemish Countryside Wedding
Flemish Countryside Wedding
Flemish Countryside Wedding
Flemish countryside wedding
Iraqi Bride
Iraqui Bride
Flemish Countryside Wedding