Where are you based? Where do you work?

I’m currently based in Brussels, Belgium, and in Rome, Italy, where I lived and permanently worked as a wedding photographer for four years. From these two places, I can reach you wherever close, by car.

I was born near Venice, I lived in Bologna, Ferrara and in Rome, so I know by heart some of the best places in Italy. Also, I’m in love with Belgium landscapes, architecture and moody atmosphere, and with the city I live in, Brussels, so diverse and interesting.

I’m a real, passionate traveler, and I can reach you in whatever destination you choose for your love wedding story to be told. If I have to travel, I’m not afraid of any means of transport (really!), and, in case I don’t have a friend who hosts me (I have friends in many different countries), I will charge only for the transport ticket and the lodging.

I can speak:

  • Italian,
  • English,
  • French,
  • Spanish,
  • a little Dutch (working hard on this one!)
  • just some German (studied at the university but hard to keep practicing)

And – everybody knows it – Italians can communicate perfectly only using hand gestures 😉