What’s your Style in Wedding Photography?

My Wedding Photography Style:

When I first learned photography, I studied reportage, and this style remained with me up to now, that I work with wedding photography. I love natural, authentic moments, no posed pictures.

Also, I’m an art lover and painter, so I mix documentary style with my artistic point of view, usually when taking portraits.

All of us have our own personal way to express emotions, to express love, happiness, excitement, all the deep feelings. That’s what fascinates me the most.

I love the little gestures, the hidden glimpses that no one notices, the small movements and the imperfections that are so precious and intimate for a couple, that make two people become one. I love when you, two lovers, let me enter in your world and fully trust me, so to give me the opportunity to capture the magic and the truth between you and between your loved ones.

And I love imagining your smiles and emotions when I delivered my work ♥ my ultimate goal is for you to be happy 🙂

  • Pam, black-haired Italian girl
  • black and white silhouette of a couple
  • Greece Destination Engagement - Corfu - couple kissing
  • Destianation Wedding photography in Rome - exit from the church, bride dress moving for the wind
  • Wedding Photography - Mother and Groom, in the mirror
  • Wedding Photography - ring exchange