How to book? How much in advance?

It takes a while to arrange a wedding day. But I won’t steal you much time from that. So how to book for your wedding photographer? And when?

First of all, I suggest to book as soon as you have a good sensation while looking at my photos. You have to feel it deeply, and understand if my work resonates with what you truly are and want.

The photos I’ll take, the painting I’ll give you, and your memories, are the only things that will remain in time and will keep on living through years.
They’ll be there to preserve the emotions you lived, to share that feelings with your beloved and family, through the years, to shape your story.

So, choose your photographer trying to listen to your guts and feelings, trust your instinct and emotional perception.

Then, the sooner, the better! 

How to book it? You just have to contact me. We’ll check the availability, and if possible, we’ll meet or talk for a while to break the ice. In this way, you’ll let me know what kind of service you are looking for.

I usually prefer us to meet or to have, for example, a video call. This, because I prefer you to meet me before the session and to tell me your story – or to listen to mine!

The booking will be confirmed by signing a detailed contract (and paying a 40% deposit – for weddings).