Roma-amoR – Tender Destination Engagement

Roma-amoR – Tender Destination Engagement

Among all the cities I’ve lived in, I think Rome is my favorite one. When I saw it again, after one year, for this Destination Engagement, I felt something in my chest, something that I never felt before, nowhere.

Here, in my loved city, Pamela and Cesar decided to have their engagement session.

Pamela grew up close by, but lives now in Paris, and works in the fashion industry. One day she was in Italy, on a train to Foligno, visiting some friends, when someone from Paris called.

Donc vous parlez français?” – So you speak French? – Cesar asked her, when the train got to the station. That’s how they met.

Cesar comes from Cameroon, and he speaks French. He arrived in Italy some years ago he’s a rugby player and a model.

They are incredibly sweet, and they both have great plans for their future.

After a beautiful tour in Saint Peter’s Chapel, we walked in the amazing Bernini’s square, while playing with sun and shadows among the white columns. Then we moved to Trastevere neighborhood, had a delicious aperitivo and a walk along the side of the river Tiber. But the best part was when we wandered in the city center, to the Trevi fountain and to the top of Trinità dei Monti, dancing downwards the white steps of Piazza di Spagna.

It was magic!

I am extremely grateful for the privilege I had of capturing their magic, in a magic destination, during their magic engagement session.

-> Have a look at a little video I made with their pics, at the bottom of the page  😉 

Pam, black-haired Italian girl
Interracial couple chasing among columns of Saint Peter's square
Interracial couple kissing among columns of Saint Peter's square
detail - interracial couple's arms and hands pointing in the same direction
Insterracial couple laughing in Trastevere
Interracial couple cuddling in Trastevere
Interracial couple kissing, along the river Tiber
Interracial couple cuddling, black and white
Interracial couple cuddling
Interracial couple hugging under the bridge in Trastevere
Interracial couple posing against the wall, under a tree full of lights
Rome view from Trinità dei Monti, interacial couple blurred in the frame
interracial couple cuddling, black and white
Rome view from Trinità dei Monti, interacial couple blurred in the frame
Interracial couple cuddling at night
Interracial couple - detail - interlaced hands and smiles
Interracial couple - detail - interlaced hands
Interracial couple dancing in Piazza di Spagna steps, Rome


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