Sweet Moody Amsterdam Couple Session

I didn’t think this Amsterdam Couple Session would turn out so sweet and intimate. Due to last minutes timings, I didn’t have the possibility to meet Maria Chiara and Karl before the shooting, so I was really curios and excited, but at the same time, a little worried. This because I always want a couple to feel comfortable with me, so I usually prefer meeting them in person or via Skype, some time before.

Since I live in Brussels, I have the great sensation that I am in the heart of Europe, and I can reach whatever place in a couple of hours.

For Amsterdam, it’s exactly the case: it’s just two hours drive from where I live. And still, we didn’t have the possibility to meet before this Amsterdam Couple Session, it was a last minute decision.

At the beginning, Maria Chiara and Karl were so shy and afraid not to be good in front of the camera!

And the weather was not the best, so all of us were worried about that as well.

But fortunately the sky helped us, and stayed grey without rain. And fortunately as well, we felt at home with each other in a moment. Maria Chiara and I, being both Italian and both from Rome, felt really connected straight away. And we included Karl in our talks, about our different dialects, and how fun and inspiring it is to speak every day at least three different languages. In their case, it’s Italian, English and Dutch.

So after some minutes, they started to warm up and feel comfortable, and our Amsterdam Couple Session started great! They just couldn’t stay far from one another! 🙂

Maria Chiara, Italian from Rome, and Karl, red-haired Irish: they both study and work in Amsterdam. They met here and fell in love with this magic city.

We talked about being foreigners in Amsterdam and in Brussels, we talked about Ireland, we discovered, once again, that we all feel and share the same emotions. Their delicate sweetness was amazingly disarming! And they were absolutely authentic, intimate.

I can’t be more grateful for having the opportunity to capture these memories and to enter into their world.

-> Have a look at a little video I made with their pics, at the bottom of the page 😉 

Amsterdam Couple Session - Close up of a kiss on the cheek
Amsterdam Couple Session - Couple sitting on a bench with Amsterdam houses in the background
Amsterdam Couple Session - couple hugging
Amsterdam Couple Session - Amsterdam houses with couple in the background
Amsterdam Couple Session - couple hugging with red background
Amsterdam Couple Session - Couple kissing, Amsterdam houses reflected on a glass
Amsterdam Couple Session - close up, sweet glance between each other
Amsterdam Couple Session - Amsterdam houses, couple in the background hugging
Amsterdam Couple Session - sweet kiss
Amsterdam Couple Session - laughing and hugging couple
Amsterdam Couple Session - couple sitting on a wall
Amsterdam Couple Session - Boyfriend cherishing her neck; a rose plant in the background
Amsterdam Couple Session - cluse up, couple hugging